[Weiss Schwarz] Series that Would Be Cool in Weiss

Hey guys, Sean (KuroNekoXIII6) here again and this time instead of predictions I thought I would talk about what series would be cool if it came to Weiss Schwarz.

So here is Part 1 of Series that Would Be Cool in Weiss Schwarz

Many of you might think why but I think it would be pretty awesome if Chihayafuru came to WS.  I really enjoy the anime / manga and I guess you can say its one of my top 10 favorites.  Sadly the reason why I think it won’t come to WS is because it is in the shoujo genre.  Correct me if I’m wrong but WS doesn’t have any shoujo genre series in the game.  But if Chihayafuru did get it’s own set than I think it would have card effects that have to do with quickness and friendship / teamwork.  So I believe it would have to do with “Soul Rush” and “Bonding”.

Shingeki no Kyojin
Probably the the most popular anime series this Spring 2013 season.  If this does come to WS than I’m sure I will buy at least a case to myself (Like I did with SAO).  I can actually see a level 2 giant as an 2/2 9000 vanilla but I can also see a red color level 3 giant that has the ability to go to memory like the level 3 Fate/Zero Rider from the booster box because it does turn ba….I mean disappear after it breaks the walls.  There can also maybe be effects that relates to the hooks that the humans use such as moving around on the field while your opponent attacks.


Everyone’s favorite anime superheroes come to Weiss!? That would be pretty awesome but sadly the anime is produced by Sunrise so it would obviously go to Crusade instead.  Having card effects that relate to their superpowers such as getting buff (+attack power) would have been cool.

Berserk (Movie Series)

One of the most famous series from 1989  and now on hiatus. It was probably because the lack for female voice actresses that the anime didn’t come to WS.  I’m sure not many male players want male sign cards.  Casca’s voice actress, Yukinari Toa isn’t a popular voice actress so many players would just pass up on the sign cards.

Medaka Box
When I saw that Bushiroad was sponsoring the anime the first thing I said to myself was, “Oh snaps! Medaka Box is coming to Weiss!…or victory spark”.  I was really excited either way because I actually play both card games.  If Medaka Box did come to Weiss it would have been Shonen Jump’s first series in Weiss Schwarz but instead Bushiroad crushed my dreams and gave Medaka Box it’s own deck building game.  GG Bushiroad.

Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)
Why wouldn’t you want Hokuto no Ken in Weiss!?  All the huge muscled up men fighting to the death with killer moves.  “What color is your blood?”

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)
Jojo would have been an interesting series to come to WS but instead it went to Crusade. We would have seen a lot of cool Jojo poses in Weiss.

IS<Infinite Stratos>
Mostly known for girls in fighting robot armor, it wouldn’t be strange if IS came to WS.  Having popular voice actress that already have sign cards (except Hikasa Yoko, Yukana, and Inoue Marina).  I can see Houki as red, Laura and Cecilia as blue, Charlotte as yellow, Lin as green, and Ichika probably red or blue but most likely red cuz blue already has 2 characters.  Bushiroad did recently reveal IS sleeves but it could just be that they are just making sleeves or its a sign that it will be in one of their card games.


Again, one of my favorite anime series.  I can actually see this series going more towards to Victory Spark but it would of course be better if it came to WS.  Of course giving Erica the color yellow, Liliana and Athena blue, Yuri as green, and Ena as red.  I would honestly want to give Erica red but after seeing Asuna from SAO get yellow I wouldn’t be surprised but I just can’t see Ena as any other color than red.  If I were to give Ena yellow than my reason would be because of her swimsuit from this picture.
Yes I know Yuri is wearing a blue swimsuit but she is usually wearing a green & white miko outfit.

If Fairy Tail can get a set than put in RAVE!!!  Even though the anime was canceled because of low ratings the manga was amazing.  At least maybe some cards for an extra set because an OVA of Fairy Tail x Rave is coming out soon? Pls?

Well that is the end of Part 1: Series that Would be Cool in Weiss.  Remember to check out the links below!

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